January 16, 2012

Patience Young Jedi

Easier said or written than actually done or lived. Although my investment thesis (the monetization portion) is underscored by Provectus' pre-commercialization acquisition, seeing the share price reflect or come close to reflecting what I think is its intrinsic value certainly would be comforting. The share price does not reflect such value. Thus, I feel [a lot of] discomfort.

We all feel disappointed 4Q11 was not Provectus' break-out time (as measured by the share price); some might argue (as I would) that the stock should have broken out much earlier. Should have, would have, could have...

I think, objectively, the company's progress in 2011 was fundamental, with (as I've previously blogged) breakthroughs in all of Provectus' major programs. I think 2011 clearly was management's best year yet, even though the share price disagrees with me, for now. Reflecting on my own historical expectations, I take some small comfort in knowing I was off by only a quarter.

Q1 should be a pivotal time in Provectus' history, and a key waypoint in management's long journey.

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