January 22, 2012

Why I Shouldn't Be Long Provectus

Previously, I wrote an open letter in which I shared my investment thesis in depth and described why Provectus is an exceptional long idea. See here.

In any investment I have made or will make, I feel compelled to try and, arguably, find myself often obsessed with trying, over time, to figure out if I am wrong in the event I am indeed wrong. After a successful monetization, I enjoy the moment for a moment. Then, I grind away again over the next investment or investment candidate. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I continually wonder if I shouldn't be long Provectus. What is the anti-thesis of, or antithesis to, my investment thesis? Understandably the crux of a robust investment thesis typically is or should be about management, and the probability or likelihood of their successful execution. Below, I am primarily focused on the investment value proposition, including but not limited to:
  • Knoxville is not the/a hot bed of biotechnology in the country;
  • The management team has not brought a drug compound to market;
  • There is no "name" investor in the stock;
  • The company has no partnership with big pharma;
  • The company's virtual business approach, whereby they are outsourcing or leveraging outsourced capabilities to efficiently run several processes, is not typical; and,
  • There is no plethora of peer-reviewed literature.

I have answered these questions to my satisfaction some time ago; however, I think it is informative to share them with you.


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