January 22, 2012

Double-sided Coin

The clinical value proposition of Provectus is unambiguous: Safe. Targeted. Pre-approved as a diagnostic. Triggers the immune system. This fourth component of the proposition -- immune system triggering -- is too good to be true to some, and snake oil or witches' brew to others. As more information on Moffitt's immunology work is known, as more peer-reviewed abstracts, posters and papers are presented, snake oil or witches' brew become robust, compelling, necessary.

The other side of the coin (of doubt over the triggering of the immune system), as I blogged earlier today, are casual, lazy, weak, empty reasons for why one should not be long Provectus (such as "these folks haven't done anything like 'this' before").

Paradigm shifts more often emanate from individuals closer to the periphery than those at the center. I suspect we'll see a dramatic and timely convergence of acceptance of both Provectus' clinical and investment propositions.

Just because you aren't (in a biotech hotbed) or haven't (brought a drug to market, got an illustrious investor/shareholder or drug partnership) doesn't mean you can't or ultimately won't.

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