February 29, 2012

Annual Cancer Symposium of the Society of Surgical Oncology

The Moffitt abstract at the SSO conference is now available. Recall what I previously posted.

Takeaway (Results): "Three out of five mice treated with PV-10 had [3] or less lung metastases; all control mice treated with [phosphate buffered saline] had over 250 lung metastases."

Takeaway (Conclusion):
 "These studies confirm that PV-10 therapy results in both a direct effect on treated melanoma lesions as well as a systemic response that leads to regression of synchronous lung metastases or synchronous subcutaneous melanoma."

"The tumors were all induced at the same time. The main effect was seen with a metastatic model whereas the number of metastatic pulmonary lesions observed were significantly lower when the subcutaneous tumor was treated. The b/l subcutaneous tumor model did not reach significance for the bystander lesion, but the treated lesions do regress either completely or partially. The amount of regression for the treated lesion appears to be temporally and likely dose related to the PV-10 injections." The untreated or bystander lesions did not grow as expected because the treated lesions either completely or partially regressed resulting in a systemic benefit for the untreated lesions due to PV-10's immunologic response.

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