March 4, 2012

Time line? (update)

I previously blogged clinical- and regulatory-oriented time lines. At the request of a reader, I also included conference and transaction-oriented items to this time line table.

March should be a busy month for PRs/news and information. I think the timing of a potential pancreas Phase 1 trial would be pushed out (I don't know how much so), as management completes preparation (e.g., undertake several studies to rule out PV-10 interactions with the sorafenib/Nexavar comparator) for a HCC (liver) Phase2/Phase 3 trial.

Click on the table below to see a much larger version on your screen.

Pushing out the pancreas trial is the only change to this version of the time line. I added (a) a "germination period" in Q2 for a potential derm transaction (i.e., the sale/license of the dermatology side of the business) and (b) the CEO letter, which could come out in late-March, after the 10-K is filed around mid-March.

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