April 17, 2012

Medical Food for Thought...

Since the start of my due diligence, and continuing today, I have routinely questioned and queried:

  • Principal investigators and medical researchers associated with the company;
  • Physicians and medical researchers unassociated with Provectus but knowledgable about PV-10; and
  • "Regular" hematologist-oncologists and oncologists.

I could be well into the double digits of folks with whom I've interacted.

The reaction of these people to PV-10 has been dynamic (or, perhaps better described, fluid), rather than static. Opinions and views change or increase over time. It is eminently clear the typical response now is coalescing around what essentially is the same response: very promising, should be approved, very interesting, how can I get it?, etc.

Widespread acceptance has overtaken and eliminated "witches' brew" or "too good to be true." The data, both local regional and systemic, has driven and will continue to drive the value.

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