April 16, 2012

Roth: "The best intralesional drug" [for metastatic melanoma]

Roth's purported statement in The Fly On The Wall news break below (probably derived from Roth analyst Yale Jen) is most likely based on, among other things, a table of intralesional injection response rates shown at the conference that compared intralesional therapies IL-2, BCG, Allovectin-7, OncoVEX and PV-10.

Understanding the caveats of comparing trials, PV-10's response rates for injected lesions, non-injected lesions and non-injected systemic lesions exceeded those of both Vical's Allovectin-7 and Amgen/BioVex's OncoVex.

IL-2 and BCG response rates for injected lesions were higher than PV-10's; however, response rates for these two therapies were zero or smaller than PV-10's for non-injected lesions (zero for IL-2) and non-injected systemic lesions (zero for both).

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