May 4, 2012

Blog Reader Question

Why hasn't the company yet released their phase II psoriasis derm results to interested pharma companies?

I think the full data set from the results of the psoriasis Phase 2c trial only were recently shared with prospective partners. Top-line results were publicly released and share with partners in late-March.

I suspect the/a reason it has taken time (since the release of the top-line numbers as well as the conclusion of the trial) to provide partners with the myriad of data from this trial in the electronic data room could be due to the data validation process management (led by Eric) conducted on the data provided to the company by the trial sites and principal investigators. I imagine the decision of whether to use a CRO is cost-based, depending on the scope and size of the clinical trial, and based on other reasons both tactical and strategic.

In this regard -- data validation -- it is interesting to note that when Provectus reports full phase 2 study data on PV-10 for MM (here), management presented positive preliminary data for the 80-patient trial.

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