May 5, 2012

Quick Hits for May 5

Due to certain professional interests, I will blog less prolifically [if at all] over the next several days.

Some quick hits before I withdraw...

I am very (extremely) interested in the company information coming out of the 2nd European PostASCO Melanoma Meeting 2012.

Did Pete suggest during his recent webcast that the so-called MM Phase 2b, or human melanoma MOA trial, by Moffitt had commenced (or would shortly commence)? If so, I would expect such a trial to last a few months, with results available thereafter.

ASCO 2012 abstracts are available online on May 16. Will Moffitt be among them?

The company continues to broaden the international scope of patent protection, which allows it to safely entertain geographic-specific, indication-specific oncology license interest in PV-10.

The typical or traditional trajectory of efficacy, [generally] however measured, is downward as clinical trials progress from early to late-stage. What happens if efficacy goes up in PV-10's pivotal MM Phase 3 trial? Houston, we have a [good] problem.

Leaning forward into a stiff Lake Michigan wind this evening, I can't help but reflect that Provectus already has brought it, so you ain't got no alibi, you...

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