August 15, 2012

"Pursuing a strategic investment strategy"

I first blogged on this topic when the 10-Q was filed last week (see here).

Management did not include "[w]e are...pursuing a strategic investment strategy..." in the 10-Q filing as or to be a throwaway statement. They did this to inform Provectus shareholders, among other constituents (like prospective investors), of recent (i.e., since the last 10-Q filing three months ago) and currently ongoing material discussions with Big Pharma.

I have speculated about the implications of Dr. Eagle's presence on Provectus' corporate advisory board ("CAB"). If you use the blog's search function and query "Craig Eagle," my posts to this effect will list. My latest such post is here (each "below the waterline" is a real data point). Connect the dots: I think the material discussions I reference above are with Pfizer (although probably not exclusively).

I have wondered if Big Pharma has approached Provectus to license PV-10, invest in the company or acquire it, particularly after Dr. Eagle joined the CAB in August 2011. Having spent several years myself making equity investments in and helping to forge strategic relationships with life sciences and information technology companies on behalf of a large corporation in support of its business units' respective goals and interests, I know the drill.

There have long been rumors of alliance discussions with Big Pharma. The 10-Q indicates to me these discussions are more than rumors. I speculate we will learn much more in September, and I think it will be revealed that the Big Pharma is Pfizer.

Disclosure: I am a large shareholder of Provectus Pharmaceuticals. I started due diligence on the company in 2006 and purchased my first share of Provectus sometime in 2007. My share holdings number in the seven figures. I have not sold any shares to date.

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