September 1, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Navel Gazing

Monthly trading volume has ticked up: 2.2MM shares traded in August, +13% month-over-month vs. July and +51% vs. June.

Short interest fell, again, -18% vs. the June 29 peak. Short interest has not been this low since January 13.

Blog readership continues to grow: nearly 18,500 visits from 595 U.S. cities and 58 countries. Of course, a few visits and visitors are accidental.

Monthly visits and monthly unique visitors are at historical highs. History, mind you, is 10 months old.

The number of unique monthly visitors is trending towards 600. Nearly 2,750 people have visited the blog.  Of course, a few of them are accidental.

Despite the navel gazing, awareness of the company has undoubtedly risen, a lot.

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