August 29, 2012

Blog Reader Question

Could we have both a SPA and AA? AA for US market and some kind of SPA to get approval in Europe, Australia and ROW? What do think the markets reaction would be with an AA in September?
I think an investor or shareholder's near-term focus should be on the SPA for metastatic melanoma. I do not believe AA is likely in the near-term (i.e., in September). I think Big Pharma thinks AA is a possible [but not probable] outcome and very worthy of an attempt to obtain it.

There is a lot on which to focus in the months of September and October in hopes of hearing or reading about material updates and progress, including (in no particular order):
  • The non-core spin-offs,
  • A dermatology deal and/or publication,
  • The melanoma regulatory path, license deal and/or publications,
  • Moffitt immunology results of additional mouse and initial human studies,
  • The liver/HCC regulatory path, license deal and/or publication, and
  • The pancreas regulatory path.
For now, we wait...

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