September 12, 2012

$PVCT.OB Thoughts From Afar

Peter presented at Rodman & Renshaw's conference on Tuesday. If you have not had the opportunity to listent to it, you should (here). I thought the presentation was informative, and provided helpful confirmation (or "re-utterances") of what is in the works.

Wednesday's trading volume spiked significantly (the sixth consecutive day of >100K shares traded) as the share price continues to bounce around historical lows. Reasons may include Dr. Adams, fear of dilution from a PVCTP, concern of an SPA delay, investors losing patiences, Godzilla invading Tokyo again, etc.

While I think Pete did a good job, the presentation itself provided me no new information. Of course, my baseline for measurement is different than most existing and prospective shareholders.

I still am focused on, among several milestones and items in play, an SPA PR in Q3 until such time as management's guidance on this topic has changed.

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