September 14, 2012

Blog Reader Statement About $PVCT.OB

A view from The Peak, Hong Kong
The price is making me ill. Was the preferred share option a mistep by management? I emailed the company and they seemed to think it would raise the stock price, but this is clearly not true at this point. It's just extraordinarily discouraging after holding the stock for so many years to see it at this point.
I will have more comments later tonight (my evening in Hong Kong, and your afternoon in Europe or morning in the U.S.) after I return from a reception and dinner at Cafe Deco on The Peak.

The preferred share offering of PVCTP is a vehicle that would be (i) used to bring a name into the shareholder base, either a corporate (like Pfizer or J&J or another Big Pharma company) or financial (like a well-known life sciences fund) investor, (ii) led by said name, either corporate or financial investor and (iii) at acceptable terms to management that would be beneficial or not punitive or overly dilutive to existing shareholders -- all of which would lead to a NASDAQ-listed security.

The preferred stock offering may end up going unused for a variety of reasons, such as the common stock makes its way onto the NASDAQ by itself or potential terms of a PVCTP offering are not acceptable.

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