November 27, 2012

$PVCT: 地理许可证

Provectus' share price has bounced above, below and around the 60-cent level following last month's terminated PVCTP "IPO." The SPA process has taken a toll on the stock in 2012. The market and life science investors' "certain" view the company will be forced to undergo substantial dilution to raise the necessary money for key and pivotal clinical trials (MM Phase 3, HCC expanded Phase 1 and Phase 2/3, pancreas Phase 1) weighs heavily on the share price too.

While management explored the opportunity to execute an "IPO," quarterly filings for Q2 and Q3 2012 indicated other avenues for seeking cash, such as from outlying geographic licenses (e.g., Australia, China, Japan,   MENA).
2Q12 10-Q Filing -- Click on the figure to enlarge it.
3Q12 10-Q Filing -- Click on the figure to enlarge it.
The horse race, which previously had a dermatology transaction and geographic-specific oncology deal in the lead (unless a company-friendly "IPO" could have been had to overtake them; in hindsight, it could not), now might see (for now at least) an outlying geography deal for oncology assume the lead. I am not sure if Provectus is in the homestretch in this regard, but we could shortly see if it is.

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