December 11, 2012

$PVCT: Immunologic Potential, and thus Value

"The holy grail for cancer would be to trigger the body's own immune system to fight off the cancer so that you somehow stimulate the anti-bodies in a way that that happens." Fareed ZakariaCNN GPS, from a December 9, 2012 interview with Dr. Ronald DePinho, President, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
The progression of PV-10 & Provectus potential value
Click figure to enlarge it.
My expectation (above) most certainly is a very lofty one.

The conclusions of the forthcoming immunologic mechanism of action characterization work by Moffitt Cancer Center could be profound. Will Moffitt researchers make full-throated statements regarding PV-10's immunologic potential?

PV-10: A robust (strong), durable (long-lasting), portable (vaccine-like) immune-mediated response.

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