December 12, 2012

Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer has a “game-changing” moment (Mary Elizabeth Williams/Salon)
Yet when I read Emma’s story, I thought of a mother who gets to watch her little girl grow up now. I thought of the people in my trial: the college student, the young tech guy. I thought of what a gift it is to know that this week when my daughter sings at her school’s holiday assembly, her mom will be in the audience cheering for her. And I remembered what my friend Brian at the Cancer Research Institute says, that “this is only the beginning.”
GlaxoSmithKline taps MD Anderson for cancer immune therapy in potential $335M deal (Ryan McBride/FierceBiotech)
The prized antibodies in the deal act on OX40 receptors on T cells, helping the ninjas of the immune system recognize tumor cells as enemies in need of an ass kicking.

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