December 16, 2012

$PVCT: January Effect

Before Big Pharma pays billions of dollars for Provectus, value-increasing steps obviously have to drive the company's market capitalization much higher from where it is now (such as to at least above $1 billion). The market cap could get there in January through some combination or permutation of:
  • The SPA arrival;
  • A regional geographic oncology deal (a "mini-oncology" deal) for China. Signed, but perhaps not closed;
  • Visibility into Moffitt's forthcoming mouse and human immunologic MOA characterization work;
  • A dermatology deal. Alternatively, we might learn more about the status of the license process: information about PH-10's immunologic MOA characterization, how this MOA work factors into questions about the lack of PH-10 toxicity, the end-of-Phase-2 meeting, and the Phase 3 trial design; and
  • Another mini-oncology deal. Such a transaction might be another regional geographic deal, some form of equity investment in Provectus by Big Pharma or an "interesting" license-related/oriented transaction.

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