December 15, 2012

$PVCT: Just Bloggin'

In trolling through Adam Feuerstein's Twitter feed for data and information, I read this:
I am not a fund manager as it relates to my holdings of Provectus shares; however, in writing this blog I of course am "talking my book." You may recall I initially wrote about my stock position here. When I write SeekingAlpha Instablogs from time to time, copying there blog posts from here, I regularly disclose: "I am a large shareholder of Provectus Pharmaceuticals. I have not sold any shares as of this Instablog submission." I expect to post on this blog within 24 hours when I sell shares.

"Large" is a substantial seven-figure holding, with a cost basis of $1.1722 per share. My position as at Friday's closing price of $0.55 is underwater by 53%.

I thought this author's blog post of why he blogs very much articulates my own feelings and reasons for doing so, too. I blog to:
  • "Record my thoughts with a timestamp and no benefit of hindsight,
  • Improve the thoroughness of my thoughts through the Hawthorne Effect, and
  • Get feedback to improve my thoughts."

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