December 22, 2012

$PVCT: My Imaginary Conversation With $PFE's Dr. Craig Eagle

Me: Why have you not already acquired Provectus?

Dr. Eagle: That is not the right question to ask.

Me: What question should I ask?

Dr. E: Please continue.

Me: What do you think about PV-10?

Dr. E: It is unique.

Me: What more do you need before Pfizer will acquire the company?

Dr. E: The more data I have the better I can properly assess the drug's potential value when it is commercialized.

Me: Is Moffitt human data the final data you need?

Dr. E: Human Moffitt data is no more important than properly run non-clinical studies at Moffitt.

Me: What more data do you need?

Dr. E: What is most important to me is more data, in general. But, there already might be enough data.

Me: What would you pay for Provectus today?

Dr. E: I don't believe the conversation would be relevant to approach that way at this time.

Me: ?

Dr. E: This is the right answer until I am forced to say something different, which means someone else is prepared to outbid me or I am forced now by the better understanding of the exit (i.e., the approval path of PV-10 by the FDA).

Me: Thank you Dr. Eagle.

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