January 3, 2013

$PVCT: NASDAQ Listing Process, When...

The terminated PVCTP "IPO" remains an incomplete story that has historical interest [to me] to learn more about at some point and make sense of what otherwise was a gray and incomplete picture. I do not think management will re-visit the offering again unless a special situation arises.

Of much more interest is the potential near-term impact (benefit) of the prior process by which management met all NASDAQ compliance requirements to list Provectus (at the time, with the PVCTP "IPO" mostly but not exclusively in mind). The import of completing this process is the common stock can list after 5 consecutive trading days of the share price closing above $2.

As an aside, I also expect the company will take its two $50MM common stock shelf filings off the shelf soon, as the $100MM mixed security shelf filing encompassed them for a while and made them superfluous.

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