February 27, 2013

$PVCT: Get Shorty (Update)

Short interest at 2/15/13 (~1.58 million) increased by ~11% over 1/31/13 (1.42 million). Since January 14, 2011:

Since January 14, 2012:

Volume since the last reporting period (through today's market session) has been 1.8 million shares (assuming this OTC reporting from Yahoo! Finance indeed is accurate; as a reminder, I obtain the short interest figure from the OTC website):

Did short interest drop significantly this week? To the extent it may matter, we'll find out the result of the period ending February 28 on March 11.

The rumor mill has started churning. You would figure it was getting close enough to the likely event outcome that it had to start in ernest at some point. I heard several.

The first rumor purports Peter will return with an agreement (but no cash yet) with a Chinese pharmaceutical partner. The agreement -- call it what you wish (e.g., an MOU, an LOI, etc.) -- thus would allow Provectus to issue a PR (because the agreement would be a material event) revealing the name of the Chinese firm and key provisions of the anticipated license agreement that would form the basis for a definitive contract, which likely would be consummated and funded within 30 to 60 days.

The second, which I won't go into any detail, would lead one to think the Chinese partner is Hisun.

Maxim Group's Dr. Echo Yinghui He, MD PhD, a Senior Analyst who also covers Provectus, purportedly accompanied Peter on his China trip.

Finally, a large Hong Kong-based Provectus shareholder purportedly also joined Peter. From what I gathered, the shareholder's purpose was Reaganesque.

Peters returns Saturday. A PR next week? Maybe...

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