April 15, 2013

$PVCT: Current SPA Guidance

Current management guidance on the receipt of the SPA appears to be Q2 2013.

In Dr. Andtbacka's Current Status of Injectable Therapy presentation at the HemOnc Today Melanoma and Cutaneous Malignancies Symposium in March, around the 17:43 mark of the video, a bullet point referencing mid-2013 enrollment in the pivotal MM Phase 3 trial appears. As referenced in his presentation, Dr. Andtbacka obtained his information from Eric.

In last week's Provectus PR about PV-10 combination therapy, Eric's second quote appears to be a so-called strong reference to his current confidence about a potential start date.

Mid-2013 might mean June or July. Allowing 30 days, give or take, post-SPA receipt to commence the trial, the receipt of the SPA could be announced in May or June.

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