April 5, 2013

$PVCT: Daiichi Sankyo

It appears Daiichi Sankyo is interested in Provectus (based on some very specific information I unearthed that leads me to speculate this). It is not yet clear whether such interest is limited to Japan (and possibly India, through its ownership in Ranbaxy), or whether the Japanese global pharmaceutical company's interest extends to a global license of PV-10.

In February 2011, Daiichi Sankyo announced its acquisition of Plexxikon for $805 million up-front and near-term milestone payments associated with the approval of PLX4032 (vemurafenib, now Zelboraf) for up to an additional $130 million. The deal closed in April.

Other acquisitions include Zepharma (2006), the OTC drugs unit of Astellas Pharma, a majority stake in Indian generic drug maker Ranbaxy (2008) valued at ~$4.6 billion, and U3 Pharma (2008) for the company's anti-HER3 antibody. (See Wikipedia)

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