April 5, 2013

More Serious #Pharma Interest in $PVCT

At his presentation in New York in March, Craig noted Provectus was in the due diligence process of a pharmaceutical company for a global license. This is different from Pfizer's "interest" because, as far as we know, Dr. Eagle merely hangs out on Provectus' corporate advisory board. Of course, and as I written about copiously, Pfizer is in the pole position, and merely has to respond to some other competitor moving first by simply paying more. No guarantees of course, but that's the basic gist.

Management has not expressed elsewhere to which I can point other serious global pharmaceutical company interest.

I independently confirmed [what I think is] serious interest by another global player.

Provectus would not comment on the information (which did not originate from the pharma interested in PV-10) underlying my thought/belief/speculation. I want to dig further before naming the pharmaceutical company.

As Provectus approaches AACR week, things might be heating up.

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