May 25, 2013

@adamfeuerstein: What Wall Street's Watching at ASCO (The Burrill Report)

This podcast, featuring Adam Feuerstein, senior columnist for, is worth hearing. Click on this link: The Burrill Report (May 28, 2013): What Wall Street's Watching at ASCO.

  • ASCO 2013 likely will be about so-called "second generation" immunotherapies: anti-PD-1 and anti-PDL-1 agents. Ipilimumab (and, I suppose, vemurafenib) were/are first generation,
  • Combination therapies, like ipi + nivo (both Bristol-Meyers drugs), have potential utility if/because you get synergism,
  • Cancer disguises itself or is cloaked from the immune system? Craig's view (when treating cancer like an infectious disease) is the immune system is overwhelmed by cancer, not hidden or disguised from it. I don't think this is a semantic difference. Uncloaking, better distinguishing, etc. suggest artificial solutions or constructs.
  • Key abstracts include Amgen's T-Vec.
Anything positive about T-Vec enhances the view the pharmaceutical industry has about intralesional agents in general.  So, we all should root for T-Vec. That said, if Amgen's compound bombs, the view still remains that intralesional agents are back, and PV-10 is the leader of the pack.

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