May 29, 2013

$PVCT Synthesis Patent Approval Implications

There are several very positive implications to the company receiving approval for its global synthesis patent, including:
  • Patent protection for PV-10 through 2031 (beyond the protections afforded by orphan drug status),
  • The acceptance of the manufacturing process, which improves the synthesis of the drug, by all global regulatory bodies (e.g., US, EU, China, Japan, India, etc.),
  • A synthesis process that prevents PV-10 from being replicated, and
  • Intellectual property coverage of all halogenated xanthenes, about 20 compounds including rose bengal, so there will be a PV-12, PV-14, etc. and, thus, a drug technology platform for treating cancer in the future and as a follow-up act to PV-10.

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