May 22, 2013

Roth Capital Drops Coverage of $PVCT Due to the Departure of the Equity Analyst

Dr. Yale Jen, PhD, who had covered the company at Roth Capital, appears to have left the firm. He was brought on board in February 2012 when Roth expanded its healthcare practice. See the cached version of the webpage below.

Below is the current webpage.

As a result of Yale's departure, Roth dropped coverage of Provectus.

I cannot easily find where Dr. Jen currently is work wise.

I suppose his departure might, in part, be chalked up to his inability to bring business to Roth; that is, unbeing able to convince Provectus (perhaps among others) to engage Roth in investment banking services in exchange for equity research coverage. Or, he may have left for a better opportunity.

I do not believe Yale had published any notes on Provectus since April 2012.

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