March 20, 2012

Quick Hits for Tuesday, March 20

Patrick Cox provided an update on Provectus today to his newsletter subscribers. I found his framing of this point to be quite striking: "As you know, Rose Bengal was initially used as a wool dye, but attracted the attention of scientists because of the molecule's ability to bind with unhealthy cells, but not healthy cells. It inspired legendary scientist Paul Ehrlich (1854-1915) to formulate the "magic bullet" theory that drugs could be found that target only diseased cells. It is ironic, in fact, that he never realized the dye that led to the theory was itself a powerful magic bullet capable of attacking a variety of diseased cells without harming those that are healthy."

More information on the immunology work done by Toomey et al. should be available on Thursday. Results, findings and data from poster presentations are embargoed until the beginning of the scientific session in which the research is presented. I think this means Moffitt's work (I hope, beyond what we already know from the abstract) should be available at or around 4 pm EST on Thursday, March 22.

As a result, expect a immunology-related PR from the company, likely on Friday morning, discussing Moffitt's abstract. Thus far, despite the abstract being publicly accessible (see here), management has not yet commented on it. Based on their historical behavior and approach, I assume they are following the communications protocol set forth by the SSO Annual Cancer Symposium.

A second immunology-related PR should follow from Provectus, possibly on Friday morning but more likely on Monday morning, discussing Moffitt's additional work. More work has been done by Toomey et al. since the abstract was submitted in October.

Expect a CEO newsletter from Craig next week. As a reminder, he will present at the 2012 Maxim Group Growth Conference on Monday, March 26 at 4 pm EST. If the second immunology-related PR is issued Friday or Monday morning, I think a central theme of Craig's Maxim presentation will be PV-10's systemic benefit and/or his perspectives on several facets of PV-10's mechanism of immune response Moffitt has validated (based on, of course, his historical research and work).

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