May 30, 2012

Doug Ulman, National Cancer Survivorship Advocate, Joins Provectus Pharmaceuticals’ Corporate Advisory Board

Provectus announced today that LIVESTRONG's President and CEO Doug Ulman joined its corporate advisory board. LIVESTRONG is the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Doug Ulman is a great add for several reasons. I think is quite a coup for management. Come to think of it, "quite" is an understatement.

Mr. Ulman fills or provides the role of patient advocate on the advisory board as (i) a three-time cancer survivor, (ii) someone who already is recognized nationally as a cancer advocate, and (iii) chief executive of the global LIVESTRONG organization and brand.

You can follow Doug's tweets here. As you can see from the screenshot below, he has more than a million followers on Twitter.

His addition dramatically raises Provectus' awareness among several groups of people, including (i) cancer patients and survivors, and their families, (ii) the cancer research community (Doug served a four-year term as the Chairman of the National Cancer Institute Director's Consumer Liaison Group), (iii) the national media, and (iv) charitable and philanthropic organizations.

LIVESTRONG and Doug's use of social media and other Internet-based tools to foster communities of cancer sufferers and their families and serve as a model for other non-profit organizations is well known. See here.

Speaking of brand, Provectus now is associated with Lance Armstrong's global brand, and vice versa.

While its $50.4 million in annual revenue is less than what the 97-year-old American Cancer Society raises in a month, Livestrong has been a catalyst for better cancer care and education across the globe. "It's a force to be reckoned with," says Leslie Lenkowsky, a professor at Indiana University's Center on Philanthropy. Livestrong's help line, guidebooks, and website helped more than 400,000 people last year. Its social-media efforts reach about 3 million supporters. It has pioneered programs here and abroad for survivors; worked to unify the fractured cancer community; and instigated a worldwide crusade, which includes the United Nations and the Clinton Global Initiative, to make the world's No. 1 killer a health-care priority. "I can't think of an organization with the breadth of activity that the foundation has," says Dr. Larry Shulman, chief medical officer at the renowned Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, "and that includes the American Cancer Society." (source of October 2010 quote here).

LIVESTRONG's board members appear to be as or more prominent, influential and connected as well.

I had the good fortune many years ago to hear a keynote speech by Hamilton Jordan. It takes reminding, by oneself and others around you: There is no such thing as a bad day.

Management has been working on gaining this key opinion leader relationship for more than a year. Note Doug's tweet last April:

Let's put ourselves in Doug's shoes for a moment as he diligenced the company in order to determine whether he would or should accept Provectus' invitation to join the corporate advisory board. If you were him, what questions might you pose to management and its references? Perhaps these:
  • How well does PV-10 work? How safe is it?
  • What do physicians and the medical community think about PV-10?
  • What does the FDA think about PV-10?
  • Where is the drug in the regulatory approval process?
  • How soon could PV-10 be available to patients?
  • How did PV-10 come about? Is it unique? If so, why?
  • How does PV-10 compare to other kinds and types of treatment?
  • Who are the founders and management team? What is their background, history, and success and failures?
  • Who are the members of the board of directors and advisory board?
I have no doubt he conducted a tremendous amount of due diligence. I have to believe Doug needed to be completely convinced his association with Provectus, and by default his associating LIVESTRONG's brand and reputation with the company, was in the best interests of LIVESTRONG and himself.

Doug Ulman joining Provectus' advisory board speaks (shouts) volumes about PV-10, the company and management. I think it speaks to the veracity of management as well.

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