July 18, 2012

I always feel like somebody's watching me

I began blogging on Provectus in no small part due to the encouragement a Wharton classmate had given me to blog my real-time entrepreneurial experience of a previous start-up business venture.

This person always seems to be an early adopter of technology in a business or operations setting. In watching and learning from him, I realized his usage was quite thoughtful. How did the use of a technology (e.g., websites, blogs, social networks, Twitter, Pinterest, among other things) impact or provide useful feedback about his work or company or industry (as much as he questioned how a technology impacted his personal or family life)?

Since I believe my investment in Provectus, on a relative basis, ultimately will be the greatest trade ever (with sincere and repeated apologies to Gregory Zuckerman, from whose book this phrase was taken and whose book made for a great read, and John Paulson, who "pulled off the greatest trade in financial history."], I began to blog my thoughts about the company and its prospects.

Later, particularly as Moffitt murine study results began to surface, it became clear I was blogging and likely will continue to blog history.

Finally, I blog because readership statistics inform me of Provectus' prospects, too. Insight I have gained from such statistics has been almost as important as what I have learned from my diligence of management, other shareholders, principal investigators, pharma and biotech executives, the medical community, research analysts and investment bankers.

As at mid-July, blog readers come from 50 countries and 480 U.S. cities (650+ cities in the U.S. and around the world).

Readership (unique blog visits comprised of new and returning visitors), one proxy for awareness of and interest in the company, has grown steadily over time, too. The July figure below is a projected full-month number.

Provectus and PV-10's (and PH-10's) awareness has been growing and continues to grow in the U.S. and around the world, as much as there has been substantial growth of awareness and acceptance within the medical community and Big Pharma.

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