July 22, 2012

Pole Position

None of us can predict or foresee who will acquire Provectus (or, for that matter, who will do a mini-oncology or dermatology deal with the company). Well, maybe Eddie Morra knows. We can try to predict or we can think we're making educated guesses, but it's mostly speculation for now. Management's thoughts on this topic are key.

Craig Eagle's presence on Provectus' corporate advisory board (CAB) is an important data point. Executives within Big Pharma have different degrees of flexibility in their respective business mission, role and responsibilities. How many oncology-focused biotechnology companies have executives from Pfizer's Oncology Business Unit (OBU) associated with them in a formal or informal fashion? How many executives within OBU are associated with oncology-focused companies? For that matter, how about other Big Pharma?

In a world where there are few drug in development that work and fewer still that work well, Big Pharma teams tasked with refilling drug pipelines (outside of internal R&D) keep their eyes on a short list of candidates. No one wants to be uninformed or late to the game when it comes to understanding who has a drug that works and works well. No one wants to be too far down in line when it comes times to act.

Craig Eagle's extensive and germane experience clearly is a very big plus for Provectus to access and from which to benefit. It does strike me, however, that he occupies the pole position on behalf of Pfizer for when it comes time to act.

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