July 1, 2012

Quick Hits for July 1

MM Phase 2 results bested Phase 1 results. Phase 3 will best Phase 2.

Combination therapy underway.

I want to thank a friend of the blog for his illustration that Provectus shares are a very, very tightly wound garage door coil (torsion spring). That's a great image. Loosen a bolt here and there incorrectly, and if your new nick name isn't Lefty, you might well find yourself pushing up the daisies. In financial speak: when the triggers/catalysts begin to happen, you might find yourself without enough or any shares of Provectus stock at current prices.

We could be surprised by the progress of the derm discussions.

The FDA wanted a bold hazard ratio to clearly (and likely unequivocally) demonstrate PV-10's superiority over the MM Phase 3 comparator, principally because PV-10 is an intralesional agent. The point of Tuesday's PR: PV-10's MM Phase 2 PFS of >9.6 months for Stage 3 disease versus comparators' PFS that range from 1.9 to 2.6 months means the hazard ratio should (will) be achieved. By the way, 9.6+ months will only get better in Phase 3 because principal investigators will have have much more flexibility in the amount of PV-10 they can deliver to patients during the treatment period.

One of the seminal rules (approaches) to come out of the Harvard Negotiation Project: Don't bargain over positions. Positional bargaining can limit your ability to arrive at a "wise agreement," an agreement that benefits both parties; the proverbial middle ground and the whole purpose of negotiation. Instead of thinking of a position, identify the goal. A specific position is binary: you either get it or you don’t. A goal can be attained in many ways, giving you many more options for arriving at a solution. (I sourced the substance of this paragraph from here.)

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