September 25, 2012

At Last $PVCT.OB Check

It appears, from Maxim’s recent activities, that for now they are head hunting 300 or so fellow lot holders to join the lead investor(s) for the PVCTP “IPO.” I have received several calls, e-mails and other inquiries asking about my thoughts on the deal details reps have been telling folks.  Maxim’s approach appears sloppy. In a few cases, one might go so far as to say it appears sleazy. The broker-dealer and its representatives, both investment bankers and stockbrokers, get paid when a deal gets done. The business and revenue models are based on closing transactions. As such, Maxim has a very strong incentive to encourage Peter to do a PVCTP “IPO.” If a Maxim rep calls you with details – as of this writing – such details have not yet been established or finalized.

Discussions continue regarding the sale of the dermatology business (i.e., a comprehensive PH-10 license). A dermatology deal is a parallel effort that could push the common stock to list on the NASDAQ without a PVCTP “IPO.”

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