September 25, 2012

$PVCT.OB's PVCTP "IPO:" Maximizing The Outcome

Maxim's utility, as with the other underwriters on the PVCTP preferred stock offering, is essentially to fill-out the minimum 300 lot holder requirement for the PVCTP security to list on the NASDAQ.

Maxim investment bankers should not be in the same room with Peter when he speaks and negotiates with prospective lead investors: (i) strategic investors like Pfizer, J&J and other Big Pharma companies and (ii) life sciences (financial) investors.

If PVCTP is to be "IPOed" (and thus used), Peter would tell Maxim and the other underwriters the pricing  (e.g., lead investor(s), offering amount, offering price, conversion ratio/price, warrant coverage & exercise price, etc.).

I do not think pricing has been established at all. So, if a Maxim rep called you with "details," I would be, er, cautious...

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