October 17, 2012

$PVCT.OB's PVCTP "IPO:" Update on Maxim

There has been the feeling by some (experienced Wall Street veterans) that either or both of Maxim Group and Network 1 Financial have been "double dealing:" working with Provectus in appropriate, necessary ways to facilitate the "PVCTP" IPO, while at the same time (in other areas of the respective firms) contributing to driving the PVCT.OB share price down for the benefit of firm clients (the math here is simple: if these firms assume Pete will agree to an "at market" conversion ratio, the lower the common stock share price at "IPO" pricing [if the "IPO" goes off], the better the value proposition for the preferred stock).

In the case of Maxim, as lead underwriter of the PVCTP "IPO," Paul LaRosa, Executive Managing Director - Capital Markets, works with Pete in this regard. See my previous comments here.

At the same time, Maxim's retail side appears to have been tasked to seek 300+ prospective buyers (since the key NASDAQ listing requirements are a $15MM raise, minimum $4 per share price and 300+ round lot holders). There have been no pricing or other details for the "IPO," because, according to Peter, these parameters continue to be worked out between prospective investors and him. Maxim retail reps have been telling folks, allegedly, the "actual details" of the IPO, which appears to have contributed to the downward pressure on the common stock.

Have other parts of Maxim been talking down the stock down or facilitating its drop? Communications from Leonard Greenbaum, Maxim's Managing Director - Equity Derivatives, to Dr. Adams appear to indicate such activity or behavior:

Beginning last week, Mr. Greenbaum appears to have advised the initial sale of common stock (of an existing position) as soon as possible to avoid further losses because the share price was falling rapidly. It appears he also suggested taking an aggressive short position concurrently to take advantage of the greater share price decline Mr. Greenbaum believed was to come because the lower the price of PVCT, the greater the benefit to the eventual holders of PVCTP. It appears he also concluded all existing shareholders had the opportunity to participate in the "IPO," so this was fair.

Share your Maxim stories with Pete at pete@pvct.com. Please be accurate, and document as many details as you can.

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