November 18, 2012

$PVCT: Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!

The mostly institutional, but non-life sciences, participants of Provectus' March 2010 private placement (1Q10) are likely mostly gone. I think nearly 85% of the preferred shares have been converted to date into common stock and sold over time. My assumption is that these folks either held the preferred to enjoy the coupon, or converted them into common share that they sold right away.
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The preferred shares in the placement were issued at $0.75 per share. Most of the 85% -- about 60% of this number -- converted and very likely sold within 3 quarters of the placement. 15% gradually sold as the common stock share price stayed above the issue price (through 2Q12). Another 10%, I think, sold in last quarter (3Q) and are selling thus far this quarter (4Q).
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Some funds took profit very quickly. Others held on to take profit more slowly or in hopes of greater but still faster return. I wonder if some of the recent pressure on the stock has been due to the departure of more of the remaining funds that participated in the placement.
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