November 15, 2012

$PVCT.OB: Provectus Corporate Advisory Board Member Doug Ulman of the LIVESTRONG Foundation

Getting Doug Ulman of the LIVESTRONG Foundation (formerly The Lance Armstrong Foundation) as a corporate advisory board was a great get for Provectus.

At the time I had and, until recently, still wondered what would happen to the LIVESTRONG Foundation and brand were Lance Armstrong to fall. What happens to iconic brands when something happens to the icon: e.g., LIVESTRONG and Lance Armstrong, Apple and Steve Jobs, Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffett, Microsoft and Bill Gates, etc.?

The Foundation has been quick to change some name-related things.

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Other things may take more time.

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With Lance Armstrong stepping off the Foundation's board of directors, the brand likely will evolve as an entity unto itself, with Mr. Ulman increasing his leadership role, own brand and brand association.

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He certainly appears to be paying attention to Provectus. As an aside, for now, social media, in time, should be key to spreading of awareness of PV-10 within the community of cancer patients, survivors and their family members, and far beyond.

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Mr. Ulman joined Provectus' CAB nearly 6 months ago. At the time, I wrote he filled or provided the role of patient advocate on the advisory board as:
  • A three-time cancer survivor,
  • Someone who already is recognized nationally and globally (growing) as a cancer advocate, and
  • Chief executive of a global organization and brand.
I had thought management would have already utilized him in events and/or PR-related or oriented activities to increase PV-10's (and, thus, the company's) visibility and awareness.

I am told activity in this regard is inbound. I, like you, will keep an eye out for all things Provectus-and-Ulman.

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