December 13, 2012

$PVCT: Blog Reader Question

I really appreciate your posts. Please keep them coming. One issue that I am having with the continued lack of any licensing agreement or income, is if perhaps PVCT is pricing itself unrealistically? I have seen this happen to companies before, when they think they know what their product is worth, but no one else is willing to pay so much for it, and they just go on and on without ever signing anything. They go to their graves secure in the knowledge that no one has taken unfair advantage of them, but without ever cashing in their product which does have genuine value. You wrote that " license interest and discussions are heating up." If this is so, then what I am fearing is not a problem.
Great comments and question, and thank you.

I have had prior experience with management or [particularly] founding teams being unrealistic: about technology, the product, valuation, and other issues. It is frustrating as an investor and shareholder to see intransigence, derived from lack of realism or pragmatism (or both), overtake what started out as a great investment opportunity.

My interactions with Provectus management have not caused me to question their realism as it relates to valuation. Craig and Peter will tell you, quickly, often and repeatedly, they routinely seek out counsel in this area, and enjoy the benefit of several very experienced counselors.

While Craig strikes and has always struck me as fundamentally understanding the value of what the team has innovated, he does not seem to be ideological about valuation. While the check will have to be very large, I do not think him a person desirous of extracting every last dollar from a/the would-be acquirer.

That said, I am struck by management's perspective about the potential impact on valuation of PV-10's immunologic potential. Repeating a portion of a post of mine from a couple of days ago:
The conclusions of the forthcoming immunologic mechanism of action characterization work by Moffitt Cancer Center could be profound. Will Moffitt researchers make full-throated statements regarding PV-10's immunologic potential?

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