December 9, 2012

$PVCT: Logic, logic, logic. Logic is the beginning of wisdom, Valeris, not the end.

The only emotion I wish to convey is gratitude. Thank you, Ministers, for your consideration. [In a tone reserved for telling someone to 'Go to Hell'] Live long and prosper.
Pfizer's presence in China is notable. See below:
Click figure to enlarge it. Source: China's Pharmaceutical Industry - Poised For The Giant Leap. KPMG, 2011.
If Provectus is pursuing a geographical license of PV-10 in China, it seems logical to me (given Dr. Eagle's role and responsibilities at Pfizer and his presence on Provectus' corporate advisory board) that management would have discussed the situation with Dr. Eagle to make informed decisions (e.g., partnership selection, R&D needs, sales & marketing approaches, pricing thoughts, manufacturing options, distribution resources, etc.).

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