February 19, 2013

A $PVCT Volcano

Generally speaking, volcanoes are not good things. Just ask the citizens of Pompeii.

Aside from you (the reader of this blog) and I, no one in the capital markets really cares about Provectus. Yes, that statement was a bit of hyperbole, but it's reasonably accurate. To be specific, no institutional investor cares about the company's stock. Yahoo Finance! lists near zero institutional or mutual fund ownership.

MSN Money confirms the lack of interest.

Literally no one in the markets, except for you and I, cares about the stock, the drug, the data,... Adam Feuerstein's Biotech Stock Mailbag of last week had the very descriptive statement below about Celsion: "Wall Street largely shunned Celsion until the very end because no one believed its data..."

What did CLSN do in 2012? More than a 4x increase in share price. 2013 of course was another matter...

We're getting closer to a very significant test of the share price. Either there is a volcanic eruption or two in it, or there merely are puffs of smoke. Life sciences and other investors are supposed to buy after the SPA (around March 18th) and again after Moffitt (early-April). That's only 4 to 7 weeks off.

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