December 17, 2013

Pfizer adds a 2nd executive to Provectus' advisory board

Pfizer added a second executive to Provectus' corporate advisory board ("CAB"), Bob Miglani, Senior Director, External Medical Affairs (PR here).

In August 2011 Pfizer oncology executive Dr. Craig Eagle joined the CAB. At the time Eagle was Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships for Pfizer's Oncology Business Unit.

Provectus also announced it had received sufficient shareholder support to reincorporate in Delaware (from its original incorporation in Nevada) and change its name to Provectus Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (from Provectus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.).

Updated [12/17/13]: With Miglani's CAB announcement placed at the end of today's PR and having no separate PR, I have to wonder whether the Pfizer mothership and/or its corporate legal department, possibly concerned about appearing to endorse the company (and/or, perhaps, not wanting to reveal interest in Provectus (rom a worldwide license and/or M&A perspectives), prevented Craig et al. from issuing a separate PR on the matter.

After all, Eagle's addition to the CAB 28 months ago came with its own PR and appropriate title: "Dr. Craig Eagle of Pfizer Joins Provectus Pharmaceuticals's Corporate Advisory Board." Underline emphasis is mine. For Miglani, today's PR's byline merely said: "Bob Miglani Joins Corporate Advisory Board."

In September 2012 Provectus issued a PR regarding its patent application for combining local and systemic therapies 15 months ago, co-authored with Eagle and assigned jointly to the company and Pfizer (and which looks for all intents and purposes to be approved). The PR made no mention of Pfizer. Here again, I think Pfizer did not allow Provectus to include its name in the PR.

I suppose allowing two executives of varying corporate influence to join a tiny biotechnology company's corporate advisory board and agreeing to jointly submit a combination therapy patent could be construed as not-an-endorsement-of-said-biotech. To me, it (and other dots) more than suggest interest to acquire the biotech.

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