October 24, 2012

$PVCT.OB: Playing The Oldies

At 2010 ASCO, Adam Feuerstein conducted a live online chat at the conference during which he addressed Provectus after viewing their poster. The relevant portions from the chat are below.

Craig's abstract and poster will be presented at the SITC 27th Annual Meeting this weekend. I am very much looking forward to learning what data and information is on the poster. I hope we learn more about:
  • His bystander mechanism of action work in mice, which should parallell or foreshadow Moffitt's work and their results yet to be released,
  • Others cancers to which he has applied PV-10 besides melanoma, which should again foreshadow Moffitt, and
  • Combinational therapies involving PV-10, particularly for very late stage disease and heavy tumor burden.

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