♢♢ Note: I and others entered into a securities transaction with Provectus in March 2017. Please see or refer Provectus' Securities and Exchange Commission filings for further, future disclosures.

These disclosures are associated specifically with my investment letters of September 22, 2013 and March 28, 2015, and generally with the Blog as of February 28, 2017 or as otherwise noted below.


I began due diligence on Provectus in 2006, accumulating shares starting in 2007. The cost basis is about 66 cents, with a weighted average holding period of less than four years (e/n 1)My historical and ongoing diligence comprises thousands of communications with company management, and interactions with principal investigators, key opinion leaders, cancer researchers, medical and surgical oncologists, other related physicians, small and large shareholders, and prospective investors. I committed to blogging when and why I sold shares, as well as the percentage of our position that was sold, and would do so within 48 hours of sale (e/n 2). I have not sold any of the shares we have accumulated thus far.


Using only publicly available information at the time, combined with my own thoughts and views, I developed and prepared:
  • The green "PV-10: Clinical Value Proposition" table and slide of the company's online corporation presentation (typically a slide numbered in the late-20s). The table went through several iterations, but no longer appears in presentations (c. 2012-2014; see the blog's Presentations page),
Management and/or their communications vendors may accept or reject my proposed work and/or changes above as they deem fit. I neither seek nor receive compensation from Provectus — or its implicit or explicit promise — for my time and effort.

Management has met with me in Las Vegas and elsewhere several times. In 2010 Provectus' Chairman and CEO Dr. Craig Dees, PhD presented to CFA Society Nevada members (at the time, I was an elected society officer and director); the event also was advertised to NCET and Nevada Bio members. In 2011 Craig hosted a dinner for prospective investors. In 2013 he presented to Nevada Bio members. In 2014 I had dinner with the company's COO/CFO Peter Culpepper (and PLR's Michael Porter) during the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (Chicago). I had dinner with him after Peter presented at the 2015 Growth Capital Expo, and when he was in town with CTO Dr. Eric Wachter, PhD for an undisclosed reason (and also gave Provectus' 3Q15 business update conference call). I met with Peter during the 2016 Growth Capital Expo where he presented. Each time Provectus paid for expenses (i.e., meals, event hosting), and where applicable I disclosed my stock ownership to guests and attendees.

Provectus' board of directors appointed me as a special adviser to the board in February 2017.

 I and others entered into a securities transaction with Provectus in March 2017. The transaction close in April 2017.

Social and Other Media

Stock chat boards. I commented about the company, stock and other related topics on Provectus' Silicon Investor board under the name pvct investor from December 2008 to July 2011.

This blog. I author the blog Connecting the dots...Provectus Biopharmaceuticals, (the "Blog"), which I began writing in November 2011.

Twitter. The Blog’s Twitter feed @PVCTinvestor primarily tweets blog posts and news items, which started in January 2012. I have no other Twitter accounts. My last tweet was of news item Aftermath (November 30, 2016) (the associated tweet is here). A link to a CSV file format Twitter archive of @PVCTinvestor tweets may be found here. This Twitter account was deactivated on June 5, 2017.
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My new (June 2017) and current Twitter feed is @djjrodrigues.

Seeking Alpha. I wrote my first Why I’m Long Provectus investment letter on the Blog on January 8, 2012. I authored a second version of the letter on June 4, 2012 that I submitted to SeekingAlpha ("SA") for publication, but was turned down because according to SA Provectus stock traded over-the-counter at the time. SA accepted an investment letter from me on September 22, 2013 (e/n 3). I occasionally placed copies of selected blog posts on SA as Instablog postsBy October 2013, I stopped because posting selectively or infrequently at SA provided a less than complete picture of my writings on this topic to readers there, and I did/do not have the time nor the inclination any more to post both there and hereSA reached out to me in August 2014 seeking (no pun intended) to publish a couple of blog posts as articles on my SA account. I turned down the site down in large part because of the looseness and incompleteness of SA staffer's communication on the topic. See Seeking Alpha, and this blog (August 26, 2014) on the Blog's Archived News II page. SA reached out to me again in January 2015 to ask if they could publish some blog posts as SA articles. I agreed, but am not returning to SA in any real sense; I will not be publishing articles or or post Instablog posts there myself, nor will I be replying to comments under articles SA publishes. SA may or will choose to publish as articles from the Blog whatever posts they select, and whenever they select them. See Returning to Seeking Alpha, sort of (January 21, 2015) on the Blog's Archived News III page.

Biowebspin. On April 2, 2014 at their invitation I began publishing blog posts on Biowebspin, which brands itself as "...the leading professional network and working place dedicated for Life Science professionals – Biotech, Pharma, and Medtech – linking academia and industry, covering over 89 countries" (e/n 4). I was unable to post items on Biowebspin starting in April 2015 because the site's Post Update button did not function. In December 2016 I requested the account to be closed, which Biowebspin confirmed it was during the same month.

MicroCap Review. At the request of Provectus' investor media relations firm Porter, LeVay & Rose's (PLR's) president Michael Porter (in April 2015 at the Growth Capital Expo in Las Vegas), I developed and wrote a draft article about Provectus that appears to be mostly the article Provectus Biopharmaceuticals: Advancing a New Front in the War against Cancer (pages 6-8) in the Summer/Fall 2015 edition of MicroCap Review, a magazine published by SNN. See backdated July 27, 2015 (but written on September 1, 2015) blog post Provectus Biopharmaceuticals: Advancing a New Front in the War against Cancer. The last sentence of the magazine article notes the disclosure: "The company [Provectus] paid consideration to SSN or its affiliates for this article." At Michael's request in December 2015, I developed and wrote another draft article about Provectus that appears to be mostly the article Reproducibility, the Hallmark of Western Science (pages 91-94) in the Winter/Spring 2016 edition of MicroCap Review. See backdated December 28, 2015 (but written on January 18, 2016) blog post Reproducibility, the Hallmark of Western Science. The last sentence of the article again notes the disclosure: "The company [Provectus] paid consideration to SSN or its affiliates for this article." I believe the consideration was payment to place the article in the magazine. I neither sought nor received compensation — or its implicit or explicit promise — from Provectus, PLR or SNN/its affiliates for my writing. 

End notes:
1. Representative and accurate, but not comprehensive or precise.
2. Revised on June 18, 2014.
3, 4. I have neither sought nor received either soft or hard dollar compensation from either SA or Biowebspin for publishing content on their respective websites.