January 29, 2012

Time line?

A friend of the blog recently circulated his expectation (speculation) of a time line in regards to the company's progress on several fronts. I found it interesting, as we were comfortingly (great minds think alike!) or eerily (more Kool-Aid please!) similar in all areas.

I summarized the clinical, regulatory and publication aspects of our time lines below:

Time lines and expectations are two-edged swords. On the one edge is the understanding of what needs to be or may be done together with a time frame under which such work might be completed. On the other edge is the positive or negative feeling related to an expectation exceeded, met or fallen short.

Endeavor to set aside emotion, either of elation or disappointment. In an objectively dispassionate manner, substantively determine why an expectation has been exceeded or has not been met. Ask questions. Get answers.

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