May 26, 2012


You may recall I constructed and posted a similar illustration to the one below in order to elucidate the potential and possible triggers or catalysts for the company (and its share price) along the way to the end-game. I added a few more triggers/catalysts to the original illustration/post.

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Of these, the company announced an addition to its board of directors, forming an independent board in the process.

In the U.S., it is Memorial Day weekend, where citizens remember the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. With no trading on U.S. stock exchanges Monday, this week there remain 3 trading days in May before the first trading day of the last month of the second calendar quarter.

How time flies...

Picture source here.
My expectations for the remainder of the second quarter? I'm keeping an eye out for:
  • The SPA for the pivotal MM Phase 3 trial;
  • More Moffitt immunology-related work results;
  • Final MM Phase 2 trial results; and
  • Addition(s) to the corporate advisory board.
While I don't rule out a dermatology deal, or the process of arriving at such, being announced, I think more time might be required for this item to play itself out.

Should the SPA or two or more of the other items arrive in June, it is possible the share price may hurdle the threshold for a NASDAQ listing.

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